Tesa is a leading global adhesive tape manufacturer. With Tesa, we’ve built a strong relationship grounded in our experience and in the many years supporting the digitalisation of their workflows, in particular the design of their extranet platform.
Tesa aims to continuously improve its image among its partners and staff. We worked on an e-learning concept in order to enable all their collaborators to deepen their knowledge on a specific subject or to learn new things in the adhesive business. This project addresses many types of users and covers a wide range of industries (e.g. aeronautics, food and fresh products, or even electronics and smart phone companies). To identify the market and understand the users’ needs, we defined very distinctive persona and drew their respective journey maps. Detailing their experience with the e-learning product, we pinpointed all the interactions. From there, we were able to define gamification principles and draw the platform flowchart with the main features. One of our challenges was to fully grasp Tesa’s products and services and structure them into chapters, making the layout user friendly and consistent throughout.
Tesa E-Learning platform
The Tesa E-learning platform is made of course bundles, all divided into lessons. Each lesson starts with a learning phase, where the user can acquire skills and discover new things about a specific topic. It ends with a quiz, where the user can quickly challenge his knowledge. If the user gets a good score in all the lessons, he wins a course badge! Players can also share their results and compete with others. Beyond the gamification of adhesives’ knowledge, it is a recognised certification that Tesa’s partners can put forward. Their engagement and loyalty with the service are also rewarded, with discount vouchers and free products, among others.

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