Stihl is one of the world leaders in gardening tools. They design and manufacture the iMow, a state-of-the-art mowing robot. We supported Stihl in the digitalisation of their sales workflow with a complete solution, iMow 360.
Our first challenge is to guide consumers get to know iMow products better. Then, we want to give Stihl dealers all the tools they need to optimise their workflow and boost their sales. Finally, the solutions we design are data-driven. We can therefore provide sales results in real time, among other relevant KPIs.
This ecosystem is the fruit of a long reflexion and intense teamwork. In a very close contact with the clients, stakeholders and customers during all the stages of the project, we designed the most adapted solutions to meet all user needs.
Product finder - End customer
Thanks to digital signage arranged at the point-of-sales, future iMow owners obtain all the informations about the robotic mower. They can find, in a few quick easy steps and in a playful way, which would be the best iMow model for them, according to their needs and their garden characteristics. 
The potential buyers can also put together their own, complete and personalised offer, and receive everything by email. If there is an intention to buy, the data can be transmitted directly to a seller, enabling a quick and personalised follow-up.
Sales app - Retailers
The Retailer App provides to all retailers the tools to get the best and most efficient knowledge about iMow solutions. They are guided through an easy sales process. Stihl retailers have all the sales material they need at their fingertips. We also designed the sales coach center, a shortcut to give them anytime, and in no time, all the answers to any question they might have regarding iMow products. Including a modern CRM, leads are followed up easily. Retailers can boost their sales and provide a better after-sale services. A calendar and a task management tool make retailers workflow easier. They will be able to have a close look to their activity and results with adapted analytics.
Back Office - Stihl
We’ve put together all the relevant data within a performant analytic tool. At a glance, Stihl can keep a close look at retailers activities. They can also find out which products are most in demand. Or they can see the most profitable regions on an interactive map. Following those valuable informations, Stihl board can continuously improve their workflow, products and services in the best possible way. Efficiently, they are able to make new strategic decision for marketing and business purpose.

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