Following a solid experience of supporting big companies in the digitalisation of their sales process, we recently launched our own SAAS tools. Scorelead is a digital assistant for trade show which guides users in making relevant offers and help them to boost their sales.
As Product Owner of Scorelead, I have the great opportunity and responsibility to oversee the development of the tool, ensuring it meets market and users needs. I strive to build the product closely to our customers, as we always learn from them. They help me to make final decisions on the most useful new features to be released and the existing ones to be improved. Guarantor of the product quality, I commit that each new update is reliable, stable and state-of-the-art.
How to create more customer engagement and increase sales opportunities more quickly? We want our customers to collect leads differently and improve their way to make business, through an automated process and in a more human-centred way. We have the will to offer the best solution to identify the most likely to succeed deal.
We redefined the sales process in a few key steps in order to guide better our users and simplify their workflow. From the first conversation to the sending of an offer, we realised that we generate a lot of precious informations. We had the idea to pinpoint and compile all the data in order to create a score index for each lead. This score (from 1 to 100) represents the lead’s potential. All the variables can be weighted by each of our customers according to their standards.
Scorelead App
Our first priority is to give our customer all the tools they need for the success of their events. During a fair, the Scorelead App enables them to present their content and products, and to send personalised brochures. They collect and qualify their leads in an innovative way and define the follow-up activities.
The Scorelead system is data-driven. Some of the data can be automatically deduced, like the kind of product reviewed or the time spent during the meeting. We also developed our own Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to collect smartly and efficiently the lead’s contact details by scanning their business card. The other data, like the sales potential revenue, are entered manually. And because we believe that the potential of a good deal is not only defined by its budget, but also by feelings and intuitions, we've created the human factor variables. After their meetings, our customers have the possibility to qualify their leads according to defined personality types and assess the mood of the conversation. The data are summarised within the Lead Scorecard. We worked on the most convenient information architecture to provide the user an overview of each lead at a glance.
Scorelead Back Office
The Scorelead Back Office platform simplify workflows, enabling teams to collaborate on a dedicated Content Management System (CMS). Users can set up the incoming event and build their product portfolio. They also define goals such as the number of leads to generate and the total sales potential to reach for each event. All the collected data on the fair are synchronised on the Back Office in real time. The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) measure the success of each fair, providing relevant analytics. And the main dashboard offers a global overview on performance insights, across events.
The Scorelead Back Office also allows to order and find leads thanks to a complete system of filter. A Lead matrix enables to identify hot leads directly, crossing the lead sales potential with the lead engagement. Users can now take the necessary measures and boost their sales.
The Design System
In addition to the corporate identity, we developed a detailed design system to facilitate the implementation of any new features. We ensure the interface design consistency and make our workflow more efficient with modulable widgets and a responsive interface.
What’s next?
We never heard about remote work as much as today. We are therefore thinking about the future of Scorelead by scaling our strategy up. We have the ambition to extend our solution from a face to face tool to remote features.

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