Gematik is in charge of digitalising the german healthcare system. They are developing cutting-edge technologies to connect patients and all the stakeholders of the healthcare sector. The patients health data are recorded and very well secured on their health card. All the essential informations are shared with doctors and specialist when necessary, at the patient’s request, simplifying tremendously the care processes. In addition, the patients get their care costs reimbursed automatically and efficiently by the insurances, without having to filled out any form. The prescriptions are also digital. The patient can even order his medication online. The privacy and data security is the most important topic for Gematik. To ensure that the patient has a stranglehold on his own health data, Gematik is developing a complex infrastructure to ensure privacy and data-security.
We support Gematik in their events. Our challenge is to make their complex products and infrastructure easy to understand. After numerous exchanges with the client we gathered a deep knowledge on their solutions. We’ve created 7 little interactive stories where we follow the patient’s journey with Gematik.
Each Gematik solution is self-explained through the user stories and presented on large touch panels to the stakeholders. Small groups of participants were able to interact autonomously and learn playfully. We’ve also encouraged people to get involved by sharing their ideas and questions, so we collected very relevant feedback, especially for Gematik product owners.
At the beginning of this year, Gematik refined all its corporate identity. We adapted our solutions accordingly and designed new stands for their trade shows. We refined the interactive user stories and improved the user experience.
A tailor-made workshop experience
After the success of the pilot events in 2019, Gematik really liked to have the attendees getting enthusiasts and involved. In order to make them interact even more, we’ve designed a dedicated space for playful workshops, the MindLab. People are invited to explore deeper Gematik solutions by creating and challenging their own patient journeys.

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